Signon IT d.o.o.
Hirceva 10, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 5390 390
Fax: +385 1 5390 399
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Company profile

SIGNON IT is a company specialized in design, implementation and maintenance of information and communication technologies. It was founded in 2006 and from the very beginning it was focused on providing ICT services and technical support to small and medium enterprises. Our position as a successful ICT company in both domestic and foreign markets is determined by successful and trustworthy business relationships.

We are focused on understanding the needs of our clients as well as rationalization, redesign and improvement of their ICT solutions to help them achieve operational excellence. Our consultants and engineers help customers in linking information technologies with their business goals through the development and implementation of effective, reliable, scalable and secure information systems required to overcome business challenges of the world today.


SIGNON IT provides high quality consulting services to its clients, supporting them continuously through all their operational changes. To our corporate customers we offer a proven, reliable and cost effective ICT solutions alongside the expert support and optimal use of available resources to achieve set objectives and client satisfaction.


SIGNON IT is an ideal partner to domestic and foreign companies that seek a rational and efficient way to manage their ICT resources. We want to be recognized as the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as a reliable business partner that sets high quality standards in all business segments. Our goal is to establish a company in which our employees work with pleasure and take pride in their jobs through successful business and creation of new values.

The fundamental values

Expertise and knowledge
Constant learning and improvement are the main potential that we use in all of our activities.

Responsibility and reliability
Basic characteristics of each individual and the company as a whole are responsible for each task carried out and the reliability in every business segment.

Professional integrity
While selecting the solutions for our clients, professional criteria have the highest priority and cannot be subject of any compromise as well as a conscientious and fair attitude towards the efficient use of working hours which is imperative in our business.

We strongly advocate and encourage innovative ideas and initiatives that contribute to the prosperity and improvement of our company and its clients.

Flexibility and individual approach to every client
We are not bound by the use of any solutions or technologies and we are able to link different technologies and complement them with our own solutions. Our goal is not to sell hardware or software, but to help each client to improve its business processes with appropriate solutions and to make them faster and more efficient. We insist on understanding business problems of our clients and do our best to allow them to get the most for their money.

A pleasant working environment is a prerequisite for quality performance and it is based on tolerance and solidarity among employees as well as establishing good interpersonal relationships.

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